Take Action

Make a complaint about alcohol advertising

You have two options in relation to a complaint:

  1. Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority under the Code for Alcohol Advertising and Promotion
  2. Make a complaint to the Police about a breach of Section 237 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. It is likely that you will need a high standard of evidence to make a complaint to section 237. But don't let that deter you.

Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority

You can make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority if you feel that an alcohol advertisement, promotion in New Zealand breaches the Code.

Please note that anonymous complaints are not accepted: your name must be included.

Follow the complaints process outlined on the ASA website, please click here - ASA - HOW TO MAKE A COMPLAINT

You can fill in the online complaint form at www.asa.co.nz, or post it to PO Box 10-675, Wellington or email asa@asa.co.nz.

If the advertisement is outdoors, take a photo of it.

Here are some tools to help you. The first is an example of complaint letter to the ASA, the second is a template of a letter to get your started.

Letter Template - example of a complaint letter to the Advertising Standard Authority

Letter Template - complaint letter to the Advertising Standard Authority

Keep a log of alcohol advertising complaints

It may be useful to keep a log of complaints, especially if they are in your local community.

Incident log of alcohol advertising - possible breaches in the community

And here is an incident log of alcohol advertising on Facebook

Incident log for alcohol advertising on Facebook

If your complaint is about TV programming

If you are concerned about the promotion of alcohol within television programmes (not advertisements), complaints can be made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Click here to read the section about the BSA on our website.

Determine whether your complaint relates to the ASA or BSA

If you want to take action on alcohol sponsorship in your community settings (clubs, etc)

Many parents are concerned about their children being exposed to alcohol sponsorship in sporting settings. Many events that children attend may also be sponsored by alcohol companies.

To take action on sponsorship in public events (e.g sporting matches, fashion festivals), click here.

To take action on sponsorship in sports and other clubs, click here.