Find organisations to help you take action

Regulatory agencies and Health Promoters

There are some people whose role requires them to work to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Some have specific regulatory functions such as NZ Police (especially Alcohol Harm Prevention Officers), Licensing Inspectors at your local council and the Medical Officer of Health at Te Whatu Ora (TWO). 

There are others who are also likely to have an interest in supporting community efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm - these include Health Promoters at TWO or other health providers. 

To find out more about these people and their roles click below 


Connect with others - join Facebook

There are others around the country who share your concerns. To share knowledge, ideas, support and advice we have created a closed facebook group that you can join to share information with others. Join here.

There are also some community alcohol action groups already established. Visit our online Facebook group to find out if there is one near you. If they are too far away at least you can talk to them online to find out how they went about getting established and what they are doing. There might also be opportunities to collaborate or co-ordinate with them.

Identify and connect with politicians and decision-makers

If you want to influence alcohol policy decisions, it is good to know the names and positions of people to influence. In New Zealand, important alcohol policy decisions are made in Parliament and in Local Government.

- Government Ministers and members of parliament

There are many Ministers in Parliament who have a direct or indirect responsibility for alcohol issues. This includes the Ministers for Health, Justice, Police, Social Development, ACC, Education, etc. In relation to alcohol, the Minister of Health is particularly important.

It is also important to get to know your local Member of Parliament (MP). This person has a very important role to play in local issues.

Click on the link below to find the names and contacts of key influencers in New Zealand. You may want to raise your concerns regarding alcohol to any or all of the persons listed.


- Local Government Officials

The Mayor, local Councillors and Community Board / Local Board members also have a big influence in local alcohol decisions.

For example, Councils deal with Local Alcohol PoliciesLicence ApplicationsLiquor Bans in public placespublic transport alcohol policiesalcohol signagepublic events, etc. They also have a role in community development.

You can contact them to raise your concern about alcohol issues in your community. It can be difficult to know which councillors or community board members you should contact. The structure of council in different regions also varies. As a starting point, you can contact community board members and councillors with a portfolio in community engagement or social development.