2. Irresponsible promotion at licensed premises (s237 of SSAA)

If your concern relates to a promotion on, or by, a licensed premise it can be used to object to their next licence renewal. It might be possible to add discretionary conditions to their licence such as a restriction of single sales. An example of a single sales condition placed [[2018] ADLC 8220013176]] on an off-licence bottle store in the Auckland region is:
No single sales of:

  • Beer or ready to drink spirits (RTDs) in bottles, cans or containers of less than 440 mls in volume may occur except for craft
    beer; and
  • shots or pre mixed shots.

If they have breached the law three or more times it could be a case for a cancellation of their licence. Visit the Licensing Section for more information on how to object to a licence application.

  1. If you see anything that you are concerned about gather and record as much evidence as you can. In particular note when and where you saw the promotion, exactly what is says (wording), and who was and how it was offered.
  2. Take a picture or screenshot on the promotion.
  3. Enter any information into an incident log.
    • If you believe it breaches the law or warrants further investigation send the details of the promotion to the licensing team at the Local Council in the first instance.
  4. Remain in contact to see what the outcome of your complaint is; you may want to raise media attention to any positive results.
  5. Encourage and support others to be active in this area. For more information and help see the Mobilising Others section.
  6. Initiate or support efforts to reduce the number of outlets in your community – for more information click here.