Community Champions

Identify and Connect with Community Champions



  • Alcohol Action is a national organisation formed by a range of public health experts, researchers and frontline community members working in the field of alcohol control. Alcohol Action focuses on policy and advocacy, to increase evidence-based action. Visit their website.
  • Alcohol and Drug Helpline – if you are concerned about your drinking (or that of others), you can find your local treatment providers through the service directory of the  Alcohol and Drug Helpline. The website also provides useful information on how to reduce your drinking.
  • Alcohol Healthwatch is a team of professionals dedicated to reducing and preventing alcohol harm among New Zealand communities through effective health promotion. Alcohol Healthwatch works in collaboration with professional and community groups to positively address alcohol-related issues at local, regional and national levels.



  • Community Action Youth and Drugs, commonly known as CAYAD, is a nation-wide project that focuses on reducing harm to young people and families/whānau from illicit drugs and alcohol. CAYAD works in different geographical areas in New Zealand, to enable communities to participate in public policy processes. For more information visit their website.
  • Community empowerment/development units in local councils – each local council usually contains a community empowerment/development unit which works directly with communities to improve their wellbeing. Find your local council and search for ‘community development’ or ‘community empowerment’ under the search box.



  • Healthy Families is a national flagship project funded by the Ministry of Health. There are currently ten sites for the project – Far North; Waitakere; Manukau & Manurewa-Papakura; Rotorua;  Whanganui, Rangitikei & Ruapehu, East Cape; Lower Hutt; Spreydon-Heathcote; Invercargill. Health Families works closely with the community and takes a health promotion approach to promote the health and wellbeing of local areas. Visit the website for more information.



  • New Zealand Drug Foundation is at the forefront of policy debate of alcohol and other drugs, advocating for evidence-based policies and practice. Visit their website for more information.


  • New Zealand Police (Alcohol Harm Reduction) – Check out the key regulatory agencies of Alcohol Licensing section for more information.
  • Public Health Unit – Public health units focus on environmental health, communicable disease control, tobacco control and health promotion programmes. In relation to alcohol, they carry out health promotion activities and also have a statutory role to report on licensing applications. Visit the Ministry of Health’s website to find the public health unit in your region.
  • Road Safety – New Zealand Police and the NZ Transport Agency develop educational programmes so that children and young people can be safe on the road. Visit the NZ Police website  for the resources they’ve developed.


  • Salvation Army provides alcohol and drug support (known as Bridge programme) for people who are alcohol-dependent. Their Local Corps and community ministers can also assist in navigating the alcohol objection process if you are concerned about a liquor licensed premise in your community. The organisation also has a policy unit (known as the Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit) which provides policy advice and practices to support works on poverty eradication, alcohol and drug policies.
  • Students against Dangerous Driving, SADD enables young people to make safer and better choices when driving. This is achieved by working with schools, delivering workshops and helping students to set up road safety committees. Contact the SADD team if you want to know more.


  • Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand is the Crown Entity that provides information, advice, research and resources to help prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. They can also provide advice, resources and tools for community-lead action on alcohol. Visit their website for more information or their other website specifically for alcohol issues.