2. The Law on irresponsible advertising

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 includes a section which addresses irresponsible promotion. This is the main piece of legislation addressing irresponsible promotion of alcohol.

This section (237) of the law addresses advertising and promotion of alcohol which does any of the following:

  • encourages people, or is likely to encourage people, to consume alcohol to an excessive extent
  • leads people to believe that alcohol is heavily discounted (more than 25%) or free of charge
  • offers goods and services, or the opportunity to win a prize, on the condition that alcohol is bought
  • aims at, or that has, or is likely to have, special appeal to minors.

This section covers any person, who in the course of carrying on a business promotes alcohol irresponsibly - whether they are an individual, a media company, a licensed premises, an alcohol company, etc.

Complaints in relation to this can be forwarded to the Police.

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