3. Change the law

There is a range of approaches to reduce heavy consumption associated with discounting, including: 

  • Prohibiting multi-buy promotions;
  • Restricting the maximum discount permitted or banning all discounting of alcohol; and
  • Restricting or prohibiting time-limited discounts (e.g., ‘happy hours’)

These approaches will require legislative change. It would be preferable to ban all discounting, rather than setting any maximum limit on the premittted level of price discounting (e.g. 50%), as this would be difficult to monitor, especially when advertising of discounts predominantly occurs via personally-targeted digital media. An alternative approach would be prohibiting the advertising of prices of alcohol products.

Make submissions on draft legislation or policy

Be an advocate for more effective control on pricing policies and price promotion.

Make a submission – Look out for any opportunities to have a say on the development or review of any policies that might help to reduce heavy consumption associated with discounting. Policies and laws to address discounting may be at the national level, such as the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

If there is an opportunity to submit on draft legislation, we will post a submission template here.

Advocate for change

For more information and tips on making submissions and other advocacy action, see Mobilising Others.