Taking action as a non-member

Record and report any problems

It is important that you record any problems you believe are associated with a sports or other club in your neighbourhood.

  • Keep an incident log, noting how the events relate to the club
  • If possible, raise your concerns with the club in the first instance. However, some issues may also need to be reported to the appropriate authority, particularly if they are of a more serious/urgent nature and could result in injury or other harm.
  • NOTE: If you are concerned for your or others safety call the Police immediately.
  • Some clubs have a club licence, please click here to learn more.

Reporting the problem to the club first will give you the opportunity to outline your concerns directly with them and give them the opportunity to respond.

Face-to-face communication is usually a good starting point.  Remember your positive communication techniques. Keep the conversation constructive and avoid threats.  If you don’t get a positive response it is probably best to indicate that you would appreciate that they give some further thought to the issues and simply withdraw. In this case it is likely that you have hit nerve and alternative approaches will need to be considered and others might need to get involved.

If they are interested in addressing the issues you can link them back to this site for assistance.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • What behaviours are concerning you? 
  • Are there particular people or groups of people that are associated with the problems? Who are these people and what relationship do they have with the club?
  • Are there particular times or activities that are associated with the problems?
  • Are there particular places/areas that are associated with the problems? How is alcohol being sourced/supplied?
  • Are the problems new and if so what has changed?
  • Does the club have a club licence to sell alcohol? Do the problems indicate there could be breaches of the licence conditions? Have there been any enforcement issues raised by the regulatory agencies?
  • Does the club have alcohol sponsorship? If so, by whom and what are the conditions of the sponsorship?
  • Who owns the building/facilities the club uses? Who is responsible for their care and maintenance?
  • Who makes decisions about the club and how do these decisions get made?

Using your connections

Others might share your concerns – reach out via friends, neighbours and others. This will give you come local support for action.

To connect with others and start a plan of action - click on Mobilising Others.

Connect with organisations that may work with clubs

Issues at the sports club could be part of broader issues affecting your community, such as unemployment, poverty, etc. If this is the case the club might provide a unique opportunity and setting to make a positive difference.

There could be other programmes in your community which support a healthier club environment. If broader issues are at play you might consider co-ordinating with these.

  • Talk to your local Health Promoter or Health Promotion Advisor to find out more. Some District Health Boards/Regional Public Health Units have people who look after alcohol matters.   CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS