3. Other strategies to increase the price of alcohol

Prohibiting single sales of alcohol products from off-licences

  • Some stores break up packages of alcohol and sell the individual units. This practice is sometimes referred to as “single sales”. 
  • Communities often find that this makes alcohol particular accessible to young and other vulnerable people.
  • There is international evidence showing that selling single serves results in increased harm to young people. For this reason, many jurisdictions (particularly in the United States) ban single sales.
  • New Zealand law does not prohibit single sales.
  • Restricting single sales in New Zealand would mean that many young people would be unable to purchase a single RTD at a low cost. Click here for taking action on single sales.

Reducing the number of liquor outlets in a community

  • The density of liquor outlets can also have an effect on pricing and promotions.
  • When there are a high number of outlets, increased competition among retailers can result in lower prices.
  • Reducing the number of outlets in a community may have an effect of raising the overall price. Click here for taking action to reduce the density of alcohol outlets in your community.