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The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 introduced restrictions on where supermarket and groceries stores can display and promote alcohol. This is now confined to a “single area” within the store. Promotions must not be seen or heard outside of this area or from outside of the store.

Click here to read the legislation relating to single areas for supermarkets.

A single area must be configured and arranged so that it is NOT:

  • in the most direct pedestrian route between any entrance to the premises and the main body of the premises passes; or
  • in the most direct pedestrian route between the main body of the premises and any general point of sale.

Sometimes the single area is divided into 2 or 3 sub-areas. In this case one sub area must be designated as the core area and one area as the secondary area (or if a third, one as the overflow area). You can talk to your local licensing inspector to learn more.

While this law was implemented in 2013 there are still some supermarket/grocery stores who have not yet completed their transition to single areas. This could be related to the timing of their licence renewal or because the describing of their single area is contested and still to be determined.