1. If there is an existing policy

If there is an existing policy:

What does the policy include or not include? Does it restrict all alcohol advertisements on public transport?

Find out which agency which is responsible for enforcing any policy. Sometimes, it is the responsibility of transport operator or an advertising agency rather than the Council to adhere to and enforce the policy.

- Making a complaint

You can make a complaint if you believe a policy has been breached.

Gather as much information as possible to support your complaint, e.g. time, place, bus route, and details of the alcohol advertisement.

Report the complaint to the group which enforces the policy – this may be the Council, the transport operator, or an advertising agency.  If the complaint is going to a transport operator or advertising agency, you might consider including a local Councillor in the correspondence.

Take a photo if possible

Click here for a template that you may adopt to REPORT or make a complaint about any alcohol advertisement on public transport

Where to find further information  

Public Transport Agency – raise your concern to the public transport agency in your region so that they can commence investigation. Even if they are not responsible for advertisements on public transport, it is still worthwhile to raise the concern to them because they will have the contract with bus companies.

Link to public transport agencies in major cities: