2. Equip young people with the knowledge & skills they need

Ensure that any information provided to young people about alcohol and/or other drugs is factual and accurate, and appropriate for their development

Ensure that information is delivered by someone who has the skills and knowledge to understand the needs of the young people

It is most effective to focus on building and developing life and personal skills – such as effective communication strategies, assertiveness, media awareness, problem-solving, setting goals and leadership. These are the sorts of skills young people will need to support them in making decisions and choices that support their well-being and achieving their potential. These skills can be developed at school, but they can also be developed within the family/whanau and through extra-curricular activities.

Information that focuses only on the dangers of alcohol use, generally isn’t helpful or effective.

Education alone is not going to solve our heavy drinking culture in young people. We need to advocate for stronger alcohol laws to protect them, please click here.