Take Action

Make submissions on draft legislation or policy

Be an advocate for more effective controls on alcohol advertising (including labelling) and sponsorship.

Make a submission – Look out for any opportunities to have a say on the development or review of any policies and bylaws that might help reduce exposure to alcohol advertising and marketing.

Opportunities may include reviews of The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, consultations on Local Alcohol Policies, consultations of new or existing Bylaws affecting signage, or reviews of District or Unitary plan reviews.  These are hard, legalistic policies, but there may also be softer opportunities for reducing exposure to alcohol marketing, working with organisations and institutions to encourage them to develop and implement internal policies. 

Write to policymakers and influencers – If there are no formal or informal consultation opportunities coming up, you may wish to keep in contact with key policy makers and representatives at the national and local level so that the issue stays fresh in their minds.

Think both local and national

Policies and laws to address alcohol advertising may be at the local level:

  • Policies prohibiting alcohol advertising on Council properties/venues, public transport and at any events sponsored by Council. 

Policies and laws to address alcohol advertising may be at the national level:

  • Laws, standards and policies on alcohol advertising, sponsorship, labelling, etc.

If there is an opportunity to submit on draft legislation, we will post a submission template here.

Advocate for change

For more information and tips on making submissions and other advocacy action see Mobilising Others.

Encourage your local council to develop policies and bylaws – If your local council hasn’t developed any policies or bylaws to control alcohol marketing, or existing bylaws aren’t working, you can encourage them to take action. They could prohibit alcohol advertising at all Council facilities.