Take Action

Here's how you can take action to protect our stunning outdoor spaces.

1. Be a positive role model

Enjoy our natural environment without alcohol. This is especially important if you have a role as a parent or caregiver of children and young people.

If you do decide to take alcohol into the great outdoors, firstly check if there are alcohol bans or restrictions in place, and plan to drink responsibly.

Remember to bring your empty containers back to dispose of them appropriately.

2. Record and report local problems

If you notice any concerning behaviour or damage, report this to the appropriate authority as soon as you can. This might be the Department of Conservation (there may be a ranger on duty), or the local/regional councils. Make sure you advise them of how alcohol has contributed to the problem.

Any serious issues affecting the safey of yourself and/or others should be reported to the Police or other emergency services.

For more information, please check out the sub-section on Alcohol in public places

3. Advocate for change

If the problems are persistent it could be time for the appropriate authorities to consider putting some alcohol restrictions in place.

  • Contact the relevant authority and discuss your concerns
  • Refer to Alcohol Control Bylaws for more information