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Alcohol-free great outdoors

Terriorial Authorities (local Councils) can implement alcohol bylaws (alcohol bans) in public places, including beaches.

For more information on alcohol bylaws/bans in public places, please check out the sub-section - Alcohol in public places

Camping grounds in New Zealand can be owned by local CouncilsDepartment of Conservation or private companies

Regional Parks are not currently alcohol-free. Regional Councils do not have the powers to make alcohol bylaws / bans. You could always approach them to create their own policy.

Boating and alcohol

You can be prosecuted for operating a boat in a manner that causes unnecessary danger, under section 65 of the Maritime Transport Act.

If you’ve been drinking, the risks escalate the moment you end up in the water. Alcohol can:

  • decrease your coordination and ability to perform a simple task, such as putting on a lifejacket
  •  increase your sense of disorientation
  • make it harder for you to stay afloat
  • lower the concentrations of blood going to your brain and muscles, contributing to muscle, heat and fluid loss and speeding up the onset of hypothermia
  • reduce your ability to hold your breath
  • suppress your airway protection reflexes so you are more likely to inhale water
  • give you a false sense of your situation, causing you to attempt tasks beyond your abilities; and reduce your awareness of the onset of hypothermia.

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