1. Support the monitoring and enforcement of the law

1. Keep an active watch on pricing and price promotions in your area. You might also see promotions:

  • on the internet
  • on television or radio
  • on bill-boards
  • in newspapers
  • inside or outside licensed premises, etc. 

2. You can use the Checklists below to check whether the promotion breaches the law.

Irresponsible Promotion Checklist

Single Area Checklist

HPA Promotion  Agency - Guidelines for off-licence promotions

HPA Promotion  Agency - Guidelines for on-licence promotions


3. If you see anything that you are concerned about gather and record as much evidence as you can. In particular note when and where you saw the promotion, exactly what is says (wording), and who was and how it was offered.

Take a picture or screenshot on the promotion

Enter any information into an incident log, click here to download

TOOL – Template report of irresponsible promotion (to be completed)