1. Collect your thoughts and facts together

Here are some questions to assist

  • What behaviours are concerning you? What impact are these having on the working environment, you and other staff? Are the problems having or likely to have an impact on others, such as customers?
  • Are there particular people or groups of people that are associated with the behaviours? Who are these people and what role do they play in the workplace?
  • Are there particular times or activities that are associated with the problems? How is this affecting work performance?
  • Are there particular places/areas that are associated with the problems?
  • How is the alcohol being sourced/supplied?
  • Are the problems new and if so what has changed?
  • Does the company have a licence to sell alcohol? Do the problems indicate there could be breaches of the licence conditions? Have there been any enforcement issues raised by the regulatory agencies? Please check out the licensing section 
  • Does the company have links to the alcohol industry? If so what is the nature of these links?
  • Who owns the building/facilities the company uses? Who is responsible for their care and maintenance?
  • Who makes decisions about the company and how do these decisions get made?
  • Does the company have an existing policy concerning alcohol (or other drug use)? If so, do you believe the problems could be remedied through the policy?  If not who would be responsible for developing one or responding to your concerns?
  • Are you aware of others who share your concerns?
  • What do you think might improve the behaviour and reduce the risks?

Download the above questions as a checklist