4. Planning alcohol-free events and alcohol-free spaces

It is incredibly common for alcohol to be associated with events.  However, alcohol-free events can be just as enjoyable and can assist with creating safer environments for families and young people.

A wonderful resource has been developed by ZEAL to enable young people to organise alcohol-free events. Click below.

GOOD VIBES: Your Guide to Alcohol-free Events

Be a responsible host. Things to remember if alcohol is part of your party/event

Make sure you have some areas, drinks and activities that are alcohol-free so the wishes of those who don’t wish to drink are catered for and valued.

Tips for hosts

Mocktail and other alcohol-free drink recipes

Alcohol-free signage 

Make sure all your guests have a safe ride home with a sober driver or have a place to stay.

Consider the possibility of gate-crashers and have a plan to deal with these.

If you are involved in planning a Large Public event here are some guidelines to assist you and any others.

Alcohol-free signage  

Guidelines for managing alcohol at large events