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Reduce exposure in our homes 

Parents are important role models in relation to alcohol use. They often have more influence than they realise [40]. To learn more about this, please check out the sub-section on reducing parental supply of alcohol.

Unfortunately, your best efforts to be a good role model are often undermined by your children being heavily exposed to alcohol marketing in the home, on social media and the internet, and in sport clubs or at events. Check out the section on Advertising and Sponsorship to learn more. Here, we present some information on restricting alcohol marketing in your home.

Restricting alcohol marketing on social media

Young adults are highly active on social media, engaging with their friends or socialising online.

As such, reducing exposure to alcohol marketing on social media is crucial.

Unfortuately, the New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship made no recommendation in relation to restricting alcohol marketing in social media. To reduce harm in this form of advertising, we will need both national and global laws, as the social media companies are often multi-nationals.

Check out the current policies on alcohol advertising within the most popular social media among young people:

  • Facebook, please click here. Facebook has allowed users to hide alcohol advertising on their accounts. Once you have signed into your account, go to the section on setting. On the left column, click ‘adverts’ and click ‘hide adverts’.  Please click here for more information.  
  • Snapchat - Snapchat has restricted alcohol promotion or reference alcohol and require approval on acase-by-case basis. Please click here
  • Instagram - there are currently no policy around alcohol advertising on Instagram. However, Instagram has a policy restricting certain content (including alcohol) over a certain age, please click here

Alcohol media literacy and young people

There is a great deal of information on how to improve media literacy among children and adolescents. Check out the section Take Action to find out how to be more vigilant with regards to online and social media.