2.Key regulatory agencies_alcohol licensing

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requires that the NZ Police, Licensing Inspector of local council and Medical Officer of Health to work together in the licence application process.

These three regulatory agencies play a key role in alcohol licensing in our country. They are also required to be consulted during the development of a Draft Local Alcohol Policy .

When a licence application is made, the three agencies need to inquire into licence applications and determine whether it meets the criteria of the Act. In most cases, they provide a report on a licence application (although there are different requirements for special licences). All reports are sent to the Council, and there are timelines around this, please click here for a flowchart of the licensing process. 

The three regulatory agencies have the duty to work together in order to:

  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of licences and enforcement of the Act; and
  • Develop and implement strategies for reducing alcohol-related harm.

Both NZ Police and Council licensing inspectors have the power to enter and inspect licensed premises. Maori wardens can also enter premises.

Factsheet: Key statutory roles of the three regulatory agencies

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