2. Drinking trends among Pacific young people in New Zealand

Similarly to Pacific adults, fewer Pacific young people drink alcohol compared with the general population but those who drink alcohol often consume a high amount  [54].

According to the Youth 2012 national survey, half as many Pacific students reported using alcohol or binge drinking compared to 2001 [46]. An earlier study provided more details on drinking patterns among Pacific students, using the Youth 2007 national survey [46]. It found:

  • Around 32% of surveyed Pacific students reported binge drinking in the last 4 weeks (no differences by gender).
  • Around 42% of all older students (17 years) reported binge drinking compared with around 15% of younger students (13 years).
  • Students living in the most deprived neighbourhoods were less likely to binge drink  (~29%) than those from the  least (34.5%) and medium  (37.2%) deprived areas.
  • By specific ethnicity, Cook Island students had a higher prevalence of binge drinking (~39%) than Niuean (~32%), Tongan (~30%) and Samoan (~30%) students.