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Council Signage Bylaws

Each local Council may have their own signage bylaw(s) to control forms of advertising. For example, Auckland Council’s signage bylaw provides the following rules for placing sandwich board advertisements:

  • Sandwich boards must not be placed on any road or verge unless this is directly outside the store;
  • Only one board is allowed per store; and
  • Boards must be 'waist height' and the width of your arm (or 1.2m high and 0.6m wide).

Signage rules apply to all retail outlets, including licensed premises.

Placing conditions relating to external signage and advertising of alcohol on a licensed premises

During the renewal of the licensed premise, you may consider to request that the District Licensing Committee place conditions on a licensed premises such as removing all external signage and advertising of alcohol.

Sometimes it can be difficult to have conditions imposed on the licence – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss these with the applicant and encourage them to sign an undertaking. An undertaking is a formal written statement (can even be in an email) that the applicant promises to adhere to certain requirements.

Please visit the next section if you are considering to TAKE ACTION

Please visit the section on Alcohol Licensing to learn more about objecting to a liquor licence application.