2. What works to reduce consumption and harm?

Comprehensive programmes can be implemented within clubs to reduce alcohol-related harm and exposure of alcohol to young people.

Many clubs in Australia take part in the Good Sports Program – a three-level accreditation system which shows progress towards implementing comprehensive strategies which reduce alcohol-related harm. For example –

  • level 1 accreditation may mean that the club meets its requirement for its liquor licence,
  • level 2 may mean that alcohol being sold at the club can only be consumed at the club; and
  • level 3 interventions may include that the such as club has some sponsorship that is not from alcohol.

High quality research has shown that the programme is effective in reducing the proportion of club members who report risky alcohol consumption at the club as well as in reducing alcohol-related harm. Even if club members continued to drink outside the clubrooms, they were found to be less likely to drink to a risky level in other settings.