Case for Change

Adolescents typically drink large amounts of alcohol in a session.

The harms from drinking in this age group can be large.

Supervision of any adolescent drinking is essential.

Typically, adolescents and young adults drink more alcohol in a session than other age groups.

In 2012, almost half (43%) of secondary school drinkers reported that they would typically consume 5 or more drinks in a drinking occasion. This was higher (53%) among those aged 17 years and over.

Almost 20% of adolescent males reported consuming 10 or more drinks.

The young body and brain of an adolescent places them at increased risk of alcohol-related harm. Those aged under 15 years are at particularly high risk, with the rates of harm remaining somewhat elevated among drinkers aged 15−17 years.

It is very important that the short-term and long-term harms from adolescent alcohol use are prevented. It is essential that if alcohol is consumed by young people, it is undertaken in a supervised environment and alcohol is provided responsibly.

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