6. Reduce exposure to alcohol in the home and at family events

In your home

Discuss with others in your home the ways to minimise exposure to alcohol.

This could involve making sure alcohol is stored out of sight or deciding as a family/whanau that your home/s are alcohol-free.

  • Seek help if your family/whanau is under stress or pressure.  Turning to alcohol for “support” during difficult times is a double-edged sword and can lead to more problems, not less. Consider what coping strategies you are modelling to the young ones around you.

Be aware of young people’s online and social media activity and monitor their use.

In other places

Reduce exposure to alcohol in other places where young people spend time - discuss this with those who are responsible and offer to assist them.

You can find strategies to address this in other parts of this website. Click on the following links to take action on alcohol exposure in each of these settings: