Take Action

Keep a look out for alcohol being supplied

A young person could shoulder-tap others to buy alcohol for them. Keep a look out for any shoulder-tapping for alcohol purchases in your community. If you are shoulder-tapped, tell the young person  ‘no’.

Raise community awareness of the harms from social supply of alcohol. Visit the Mobilising Others section to start your own campaign.

You may need to connect with others for help - see the TIPS below:

There are health professionals and agencies around the country who can support you in taking action, alternatively there may be existing projects and initiatives that you can support and add value to.

Connect to our facebook group for further support

You may want to highlight this issue in your family / whanau, community organisations, schools, churches, sports clubs, etc. In each of these places, you could establish rules regarding the supply of alcohol to young people. These rules could help to reinforce norms that discourage drinking by minors as well as decrease social sources of alcohol supply.

To make the biggest change in relation to the supply of alcohol to young people, it is important that strong laws are introduced to:

  • Increase the price of alcohol
  • Increase the legal minimum purchase age from 18 to 20 years

To play a role in law change, visit the Mobilising Others section.