4. Ensuring school balls and parties are safe

Ensuring school balls and parties are safe 

School Balls raise a number of concerns for schools, parents, students and the community at large in relation to alcohol use and student safety. Some schools have decided not to hold balls as a result. Others continue to hold them, and have clear conditions and behaviour requirements for students attending.

It is often the pre and/or after ball functions where problems arise, rather than the ball itself. These are usually organised by student and/or parent groups. Police and health agencies tend to discourage these events.

Take Action Now

  • Make sure everyone involved with planning and managing the event is aware of the legal obligations concerning the supply of alcohol to young people, and the risks of supplying alcohol to young people.
  • This link includes an advice sheet on School Balls by the Police, and other useful information and links regarding alcohol and schools


  • If problems arise from a school ball or associated event use the incident log to record these.
  • These can be discussed with the school and/or the Police, Local Council licensing inspector or Public Health unit. These discussions can be aimed at ensuring that planning for any future events is improved or that the school considers whether a school ball will be held in future.