3. Developing a School Alcohol Policy

Developing a School Alcohol Policy 

The most effective policies are ones developed with those most affected.  This will help to ensure that they understand the policy, the reasons for it and how it benefits them. This in turn will help to make sure the policy is workable and support compliance with the policy.

Taking action towards the development or review of an alcohol policy will of course depend on your relationship with the school.

You could

  • Ask to see the existing policy (if there is one) and consider whether the policy addresses the issues you see occurring.
  • If it does then discuss the implementation of the policy with the School – principal, Board of Trustees.  
  • If it doesn’t then developing a new policy can be suggested.
  • You might wish to discuss issues with others, e.g. parents, students, school counsellor, Health nurse or public health team at your District Health Board in order to build support for the review or development of an alcohol policy.
  • Promote or co-ordinate a collaborative policy development process.
  • The Ministry of Education have developed guidance for schools. 

Developing a policy on the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol

Also check out the following resources developed by Hawke's Bay District Health Board:


And check out Tūturu - New Zealand's evidence-based, whole-of-school programme to reduce alcohol and drug harm: