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Dependence (Addiction)

Alcohol is an addictive substance and some people become dependent on it. 

Addiction is a clinical diagnosis made by an appropriately qualified clinician. It is characterised by a strong desire to drink and an inability to stop drinking.

Some people who are experiencing addiction may function very well – this is usually in the earlier stages.

As their addiction progresses they may need to drink more to achieve the desired effect; and the effect of their addiction will start to increase.  It will have an increasing negative impact on their health, schooling or work, relationships and life more generally. 

Professional help is usually required to address addiction. 

A crisis can often prompt people to seek help. For some, an intervention is required to prompt the person to seek the help they need.  Those who have sorted help for their addiction will have to plan to stop or cut back their drinking. It is important that they are supported to do this.