Take Action

An effective Healthy Marae approach

As described by Forster and Ratima, it is important that any programme:

  • has the support of the local Māori community and facilitates community participation
  • is controlled and delivered by Māori for Māori
  • facilitates the development of the Māori health workforce
  • reflects the needs, preferences and aspirations of the local Māori community
  • takes a holistic approach to health which incorporates a whānau focus
  • develops links with other healthy Marae programmes and builds on the experience of other programmes
  • develops links with relevant agencies, in particular those which are potential sources of practical support and resources

Take action

If you want to engage your Marae in reducing alcohol-related harm, think about the following:

  • There are likely to be different protocols across Marae for raising alcohol as an issue. You will need to find out what the protocol is in your Marae - there are different ways of doing things and getting the issue onto the agenda. 
  • Usually the process involves contacting a key person or champion in the Marae. They may be a mover or a shaker within the Marae. There may also be a Board or Committee member you could also talk to. This process may take time - be prepared to take small steps in your journey.
  • It all starts with a genuine kōrero. From there the Marae leaders can consider their plan of action. Following this, a strategy or policy can be developed and implemented.
  • You may also want to engage local health providers in mobilising action and/or providing support.

Examples of Marae policies on alcohol

Following tikanga wananga (a discussion on Marae customs and protocols), Marae have implemented policies that include:

  • alcohol-free Marae - see here for an example
  • no alcohol on Marae during tangihanga
  • a permit requiring Marae committee approval for functions that involve alcohol
  • a ban on driving after drinking on the Marae
  • assistance and support to those identified with alcohol issues

These are just a few of the options to choose from.

Get help for those in need

​There are dedicated kaupapa Māori alcohol and other drug services available. Click here to find services in your location.