1. Record and report local problems

It will be helpful if you, and any of your neighbours who are concerned about the problem, gather as much information as you can.  

Such information includes:

  • date and time of any incident(s)
  • any details of the incident – describing what happened and where, and especially how you know it is related to alcohol
  • what action you have taken
  • any other information that you think would assist a response

Keeping an accurate log of any alcohol-related incidents can also assist you in taking action.

  • Distribute an alcohol incident log to your neighbours and ask them to record any incidents that they observe.

Alcohol incident log

Report any incidents to the appropriate authority – this is generally the Police.  It can be useful to inform the local Council as well, particularly if the problems are related to noise, graffiti and other vandalism.

Make sure everyone logs the incident/s as alcohol-related and maintain your records.  These will come in handy if you need to make an objection to a licence application or a submission on alcohol control bylaw or Local Alcohol Policy

If you can relate the incident to a particular alcohol outlet or premises make sure you include this when you report the incident.

If the matter is urgent (such as broken glass or damage to property that could lead to injury or other risks) – make sure the Council or owners are advised so that this can be remedied promptly

If you personally know the people causing the problems and feel confident approaching them, you may discuss the problem. Choose a time when the situation is calm. You can make them aware of the impact their behaviour has on you and others.