New Zealanders sharing their vision of a future with less alcohol harm

A digital campaign to share in the vision of a country with less alcohol harm


Uncap Our Potential is a digital campaign that is underpinned by a values and strengths-based approached. It invites New Zealanders to truly imagine the amazing potential we can reach and share, when our nation has less alcohol harm.

The campaign kicks off with two digital stories on social media, with New Zealanders working at the forefront of alcohol harm sharing their vision of a future with less harm. These can be found on the campaign website (click the logo below for visiting the website). Both videos have Te Reo Māori and English subtitles.  

Everything we care about will start to improve. With less alcohol harm, we can improve our mental wellbeing, reduce suicide, have safer roads and communities, less family harm, and improve our physical health (e.g. fewer injuries and cancers). 

We can open up space to enable genuine connection, conversations, trust and creativity. We can identify evidence-based pathways to this vision, such as supporting effective alcohol pricing policies.

Pro-equity policies must be prioritised to uphold our obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, ending the longstanding inequities in alcohol-related harm between Māori and non-Māori.

We sincerely hope that you also share the vision to uncap our potential. In the words of one New Zealander in our videos, "together we can make it a reality". Please support by sharing the digital resources on the campaign website. Please also like and share on any of our social media platforms:

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