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Starting the conversation about FASD

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Red Shoes Rock! is about every day kiwis stepping out in red shoes to build awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) during September. RJ Formanek is an adult living with FASD. Formanek sparked Red Shoes Rock! five years ago when he decided to wear red shoes to stand out from the crowd, get people talking, and make FASD visible - now its gone global!

Join us during FASD awareness month and help continue the conversation.

Living with FASD

FASD is recognised as the leading preventable cause of intellectual disability in the developed world. It’s about all of us, our future children, and it's about the choices we make around our drinking. Many of us have, or will make a choice to have or not have a drink while pregnant. Evidence shows that there is no known safe amount to drink while pregnant. Find more information about FASD research and prevention here. 

Are you up for the RED SHOES ROCK! Challenge?

If we are going to give our children the best start in life we need to be informed, so we need to get talking.

Pledge to Wear Red Shoes this September and we'll send you an action pack with a badge and resources to help you get the conversation started.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the RED SHOES ROCK Challenge now!

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Join the #NOTGOODENOUGH campaign to support government regulated effective and mandatory alcohol & pregnancy warning labels.

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Share why FASD prevention and awareness is important to you. You can record or upload a video, write a few words or an essay, or upload an image - it's up to you!

You are welcome to send as many stories as you wish, in any format or style. Help get the conversation started!

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Your Photos

AHW rocking red shoes on 9.09.19
Disability Commissioner walks the talk
Red Shoes and Red Skirt Rocking it Together on 09.09
The Commissioner for Disability Rocks Red Shoes for FASD Awareness Day!
Buying new red shoes started a great FASD conversation with the women who sold them to me
Red Shoes Rock the paddock
Mums in red shoes - Red Shoes Rock
"Hi I’m Emanuel…and these are my dad’s red shoes. I can’t find mine."
"Because unborn children have no voice, we must speak on their behalf."