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Helpful Hints

We have the choice to give our children the best start in life but to make this choice we need to be informed, and we need to get talking. Thanks for being part of the conversation. 

Send us a photo Rocking Red Shoes or Share a story about why FASD prevention and awareness is important to you and we will feature it for FASD Awareness Month.

If composing your story please consider the following points:

  • Focus on love not fear - we all want the best for our children.
  • Evidence shows that there is no known safe amount to drink while pregnant.
  • FASD can affect anyone who drinks alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Help people understand the day-to-day challenges for people living with FASD without demeaning the people who live with it.

NB: We may slightly edit stories for clarity, in line with the above pointers. We’ll get in touch if we need to check on anything, and we’ll let you know when your story goes public. Thanks for sharing your story!

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