Red shoes rock in New Plymouth


Red Shoes Rock at Tui Ora Whanau Health & Wellbeing Services to mark FASD Awareness Day 2020.

AHW rocking red shoes on 9.09.19

AHW rocking red shoes on FASD Awareness Day 2019

Disability Commissioner walks the talk


Disability Commissioner Paula Tesoriero and team walking the talk in red shoes this FASD Awareness Day 9.09.19.

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Red Shoes and Red Skirt Rocking it Together on 09.09

The Commissioner for Disability Rocks Red Shoes for FASD Awareness Day!

Buying new red shoes started a great FASD conversation with the women who sold them to me

Red Shoes Rock the paddock

Mums in red shoes - Red Shoes Rock

"Hi I’m Emanuel…and these are my dad’s red shoes. I can’t find mine."

"Because unborn children have no voice, we must speak on their behalf."