1. Minister of Justice – Hon Andrew Little

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012) sits within, and is enforced by, the Ministry of Justice. As such, if you are seeking amendments to this Act then the Ministry of Justice is a key starting point.

Hon Andrew Little is the Minister of Justice. This Ministry has a vision of a safe New Zealand by leading and coordinating the justice sector to work together in reducing crime and re-offending. In addition to playing a vital role in minimising alcohol-related harm through having responsibility for the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012) , the Ministry also oversees the:

  • The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority;
  • Ensures the Act is consistently and fairly applied by the District Licensing Committees; 
  • Considers and determines appeals against decisions made by DLCs;
  • Considers and determines appeals against elements of the Provisional Local Alcohol Policies;
  • New Zealand Police: the Police enforce the Act as well as develop and implement strategies for reducing alcohol-related harm.