2. Major sports teams or events (ex: cricket matches, Rugby League teams, Netball, music festivals, etc)

Be observant

Many of our major sporting, entertainment or arts-based events are sponsored by alcohol companies. So too are a number of our top sporting teams, along with individual athletes, performers and artists. This exposes our communities to a large and varied volume of alcohol marketing.

Take action

You can take action to alert the organisers of the event (or the owners of the team) to the harms from alcohol sponsorship.  Start the conversation so that they know people are concerned.

Talk to others to see if they also share concerns about alcohol sponsorship of the event. Is there support for change?  If so, try to mobilise that support into taking collective actions.

This will assist you to engage with those who are decision-makers relating to the event or team. Click here for assistance in mobilising others.  You could consider talking to your elected representatives and other community leaders about the issue.  They may help you to create momentum, have useful advice, or connect you with other concerned community members.

You can talk to the appropriate people individually and/or write a letter to them asking that alcohol sponsorship be reconsidered. Click below for a template of a letter to get you started.

Find others who can support your advocacy 

Letter Template - alcohol sponsorship for major events or teams