'Bottled Shame' - worth a watch

This investigative piece aired on the 'Sunday' programme on July 19th sharing an insight into the daily lives and struggles of people living with FASD and those caring for them. In this segment, Miriama Kamo interviews young people that have FASD, their caregivers, Dr Valerie McGinn (Clinical neuropsychologist/FASD Specialist), Judge Andrew Becroft (Children's Commissioner) and Rt. Honorable Chris Hipkins (Health Minister). 

FASD-CAN Inc have compiled a report documenting what individuals, families and whanau living with FASD are really experiencing. With the expiry of the FASD Action Plan 2016-2019 FASD-CAN felt that it was important that they canvassed the improvements that have been made and where the gaps still are in the sector. Read the full report here.  

FASD is recognised as the leading preventable cause of intellectual disability in the developed world. It’s about all of us, our future children, and it's about the choices we make around our drinking. Many of us have, or will make a choice to have or not have a drink while pregnant. Evidence shows that there is no known safe amount to drink while pregnant. Find more information about FASD research and prevention here.