Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry

The Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry Panel are currently seeking feedback on system-level changes required to improve both promotion of good mental health and support people with mental health challenges and/or addictions. While submissions closed on 5th June 2018, the Panel will continue to hear from individuals and groups.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to improve New Zealand's approach to mental health and reduce our stubbornly high suicide rates. 

Alcohol and mental health

Alcohol use is a major risk factor for poor mental health and suicide and is obviously linked strongly to the development of addiction/dependence.

An approach to improving mental health in our country must address alcohol use.

There is evidence linking strong alcohol policies to reduced suicides, particularly among young males.

Alcohol Healthwatch commissioned the University of Otago to review the evidence on alcohol and mental health. You can use the paper below to support your submission.

Evidence: Alcohol and mental health

Regional meetings

The Inquiry Panel is holding regional meetings around the country so that you can have your say. Click here for dates and locations near you.

Have your say: submission template

If you are concerned about mental health and/or addiction in New Zealand, then now is the time to have your say.

Submissions closed on 5th June at 5 pm.

Alcohol Healthwatch has developed a template to assist with your submission to the Inquiry. The template particularly highlights the role of hazardous alcohol use in mental health and addictions.

Submission template

Use or adapt the template – incorporating your own ideas or feedback.The time to act is now - please show your support by taking the following steps:

Alternatively, you can submit online through the Inquiry website at

Note: if you wish to include personal information in your submission (e.g. in relation to mental health and/or addiction challenges), please consider whether you wish for this information to be available to the public. If you would prefer that parts of your submission not be available, please note this in your submission.


  • Any parts that are not to be referenced at all in the Inquiry report
  • Any parts that can be anonymised and used in the Inquiry report and other documentation
  • Any parts that must be anonymised BEFORE being seen by the Panel

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